Why Travel Nursing Is A Dream Job

Why Travel Nursing is a Dream Job

Do you sit at your 8 to 5 job and think about all the places you could visit if you had the time and money? All the beautiful waterfalls you could stand in front of or trails you could hike through the mountains. If only your job paid you to travel and see the world, just think about all of your dream destinations you would be able to visit. What about a job that not only pays you to travel but also to save lives? How incredible would it be to save lives on a daily basis and live in a new city you’ve never been to? Look no further for the perfect career, Travel Nursing is here!


As a Travel Nurse you are able to travel to new cities and states every months! This perk about Travel Nursing not only allows you to visit new cities, but it also allows you to experience new cultures! You get to try new food from different cities and create friendships all over the United States. Just think about all the major cities you can visit and watch the sunset from!



When you work as a Travel Nurse your housing is free! Most Travel Nursing companies cover your housing and give you a certain amount of money each month for you to go find your own place next to the hospital you are working at! Most Travel Nurses tend to roommate together so they can save on rent and have a friend while traveling.



Not only do you get to travel and save lives all at the same time but you also get paid for it! Unlike most jobs, Travel Nursing is very flexible with time off because you ultimately decide when you work and where! To be a Travel Nurse, you must go through nursing school but once you finish up with schooling you get paid more than the average person who gets out of schooling. The average pay for a travel nurse can range and very from state to state. Being a Travel Nurse in California is the most beneficial when it comes to salary because of the demand.