Provider Feedback

Why providers choose to work with us.


Great service, friendly and supportive staff with excellent attention to detail! KPG staff took care of the credentialing work, I was able to focus on my job.

Dr. M., Radiologist

What I liked most about working with KPG is that I was more than an applicant. Despite applying for multiple positions over many months, my recruiter kept in mind my specific requirement to be near the border. During the application process, she kept in touch to let me know what positions were opening.

Chip B., NP

As a result of working with KPG, I found a job that I truly enjoy with a well-respected medical group. I’m able to focus on providing the best quality of care to my patients in an innovative setting. I have also achieved a great level of work-life balance.

Amy S., NP

The KPG team was very friendly, helpful, professional, and punctual. I found everyone very understanding and competent. KPG really follows through on their promises. They go the extra mile to represent you and further to get you the pay rate.

Liela N., PA

I have been working as a full-time locums provider for the past two years and simply love it! Having been in practice over the past 18 years, I finally have control over my personal life and career! KPG has been a great locums company to work for. Great communication skills and their travel department is fantastic.

Dr. C., Hospitalist