To Everyone That Has Wanted to Thank a Nurse…

Almost everyone has been greeted or treated by a nurse at least once in their lifetime and sometimes we want to go the extra mile and thank them for saving our lives. However, in most cases, we usually don’t see the nurse again due to the countless rotations they take day in and day out. Usually the nurse is your go to medical assistant especially in the E.R, and sometimes the nurse knows the patient on a more personal level than the doctors do! So here is one big thank you letter to all the nurses who have nurtured, listened, and treated all the patients they’ve seen.

In most instances, the patient won’t see the nurse again due to the patient being transferred to a different unit in the hospital and now being treated by new nurse or the nurse’ shift is up before you recognize everything they have done. Most people usually just say “Thank you”, but in some situations, the patience will go out of their way and go back to the hospital in search for the nurse that helped save their life. Here are a few thank you messages to all the nurses who constantly put in effort around the clock.

Sara Williams

Southview Medical Center, Unit: L&D

My husband John and I prayed daily during my pregnancy for health and safety for both our daughter and myself as well as having a wonderful delivery. The week prior to induction I had a breast biopsy for a breast cancer scare. Fear took over us and my worries made me focus on the “what if’s” instead of my faith fully. It also made me not focus solely on our delivery. We went in to get induced still not knowing the results and thinking we most likely wouldn’t know until after we left the hospital. We were blessed to have Sara Williams as our nurse. She was the person to update our OB that the test results were back to let us know they were negative before we got induced. It sounds like a small task, but it wasn’t. As a nurse, I know there are many nurses that wouldn’t take that time to look at a result. She provided us so much deep peace before we were set to meet our daughter. We didn’t feel that possible impending doom while going through labor. She was our nurse during the whole labor and there when we met our daughter. She made us feel safe. It was obvious she was very knowledgeable in her field and her love for others and nursing was easily shown with everything she did during our shift. Nursing is definitely her calling. We can’t thank Sara enough for what she provided for our family that day. Our family was deeply blessed by having her with us.

And this one…


Greene Memorial Hospital, Unit:

Megan was helping helping a patient with PT when I came to speak with the individual about skilled rehabilitation at my facility. The patient was very apprehensive and unsure if she wanted skilled rehab. Megan stated she had worked in a facility before and relayed her experience in how the residents are stronger and more confident when they are discharged. She was kind, listened and answered questions you never would have know she had other patients to work with.

Can’t forget about this one…

Ray Combs

Sycamore Medical Center, Unit: Bariatric

Please share this with others there were so many nurses who took such good care of me. This thank you is long overdue. I’m doing great now it has been a long road but everything is coming together. I’m down to a “svelte” 215 pounds and I walk 5 miles nearly every day. That’s a long way from celebrating 1 lap around the unit! Nurses never get thanked enough so I hope this helps a little. I’ll always believe it was the nursing staff that saved my life. Bless you all!

For all the nurses out there, please do not think your actions go unnoticed. You are the core of our healthcare system and we appreciate everything you do.