Guess What Week It Is?

This week is a special week and if you don’t know why, we’ll tell you! It’s National Locum Tenens Week! The National Association of Locum Tenens Organizations (NALTO) has dedicated this week to celebrate all of the hard workers who play a huge role in our healthcare system. NALTO assists Locum Tenens in maintaining the highest standard of care for the many patients they see every day and in being the backbone of Locum Tenens employment. KPG Healthcare is happy to be a part of NALTO with many Locum Tenen opportunities available!


What is a Locum Tenen?

Locum Tenen is Latin for “to hold the place of”, and these health professionals do just that. Over 90% of medical facilities use Locum Tenens (temporary physicians) and they are just as important as regular physicians. They are so vital in meeting our community’s medical needs when the gaps need to be filled and take excellent care of every patient. We want to commemorate them for their hard work and dedication to taking care of patients everywhere. 

Why the Healthcare Industry Needs Locum Tenens

The healthcare industry is currently experiencing a shortage in physicians on a national level and it’s due to the immense amount of growth and increased aging of the population. A study conducted byAAMC (Association of American Medical Colleges) “shows a projected shortage of between 42,600 and 121,300 physicians by the end of the next decade.”

This shortage poses great risk to the industry and patients, as it takes a minimum of 10 years to train a physician. That is where Locum Tenens come in. With various hospitals experiencing gaps in the necessary amount of physicians on staff, a locum tenen is the solution and serves as a temporary filler and can be the main factor to saving more lives.

Why Physicians Love Locum Tenen Employment

First and foremost, being a Locum Tenen means having a very flexible work schedule. It is not often in the medical industry that you have the chance to pick and choose what assignments you want to take. However, being a locum tenen physician, it is that easy and works out especially well if …

  • You’re a parent that is tired of being confined to a schedule that doesn’t allow you to be there for school plays, soccer games or during Christmas Break.
  • You’re a mid-career physician who is now looking to do more traveling and have a chance to see the world.
  • You are a full-time physician looking to pick up locum tenen shifts part-time to more quickly get out of medical school debt.
  • You just finished your residency and are test-driving where you want to live and what you want your work life to consist of

You might think to yourself, “I like stability and without a steady schedule  I won’t feel comfortable”. KPG Healthcare Provider Services works to find an employment situation that caters to your needs best and your schedule doesn’t have to be sporadic in nature. Being able to choose your own hours is liberating and makes work-life balance so easy, something that is typically difficult in our industry.

If you’re thinking of making the switch to the Locum Tenen lifestyle or simply picking up extra shifts in addition to your full-time job, KPG Healthcare Provider Services staffs in various specialties from Anesthesiologists, Pediatrics, General Surgeons, Family Medicine Physicians and more! Bookmark our ‘Jobs‘ page to stay in the loop on opportunities or get connected with one of our awesome recruiters via our website who can further help as well.

Your partner in high quality and rewarding healthcare staffing,

KPG Healthcare Provider Services