7 Nursing Blogs You Should Know About

With so many blogs out there for nurses and medical practitioners, it can be hard to know where to start and which are worth your while! From personal wellness to financial advising to tips for students – we at KPG have compiled the ultimate list of nursing blogs for posts on just about everything!


The Balanced Nurse

The Balanced Nurse is ran by Eileen Spillane who has 25 years of experience all over the medical field. Her blog aims to help other nurses to become balanced too, covering topics from mindfulness to meditation to finding the right ratio between work and a personal life. This blog is a great read for holistic nurses or those looking to learn how to decompress.


The Nerdy Nurse

This blog has just about everything any nurse would ever need… Brittany Wilson (BSN, RN) provides fellow nurses with blog posts on things like how to become a nurse, issues in nursing, technology, social media, personal health, how to start your own nursing blog, and much more. It’s one of our favorites and we know you’ll love it too!


Nursing From Within

Elizabeth Scala (MSN/MBA, RN) is a psychiatric nurse turned motivational speaker with a blog full of insight for tired and burnt out nurses. Her posts and videos aim to teach fellow healthcare professionals how to re-love their practice. Her goal is to improve your mental, physical, and emotional health in order to flourish in your career.


Meg For It

While not primarily about nursing, Meg For It is an up-and-coming lifestyle blog with a great section of nursing blog posts. She talks about juggling parenthood and a nursing career, products for nurses, and her candid experience in the field. It’s worth checking out the rest of her site too, though! She also has posts on yoga, motherhood, food recipes, and (perfect for all of our travel RNs…) travel!


Nurse Money Talk

Nurse Thomas Uzuegbunam’s blog, Nurse Money Talk, is your new favorite spot for financial and career advice. His topics include everything you’d need to know – starting a new job, quitting a current job, resume writing, budgeting, goal setting, types of salaries, personal branding, life after nursing school, and just about anything else you can think of.


Nurse Alice

Nurse Alice is a critical care and ER nurse that has taken to her personal blog and televised news to teach you about wellness and other topics! Her content is not just for nurses either, she talks about current products or issues in the medical field that patients and practitioners alike will find interesting.


The Nurse Speak

Calling all med students! The Nurse Speak is the blog for you. Damion Jenkins is a teacher, tutor, and mentor for nursing students with a blog full of helpful posts to make the process a little easier and give students tools to succeed. To top it all off, Damion even offers personal mentoring and tutoring sessions to interested students.

We hope you love these blogs as much as we do! Also, don’t forget to check out the rest of our own posts… we’ve got tons of content especially for our travel nurses and if you’re interested in becoming one, we can help with that too! Head over to our “Jobs” section when you’re ready to kickstart your travel nursing or allied career. Don’t forget to check out our instagram too, we’d love to hear what blogs you’d add!