7 Ways to Celebrate Occupational Therapy Month!

There are many ways to define Occupational Therapy month.  When asking most therapists, they want to celebrate each other and their clients rather than themselves.  This reflects the very heart of the Occupational therapists, they are givers rather than takers by nature.

Here are seven ways for Occupational Therapists to celebrate!

1.) Reflect on what you’ve learned this past year

What have you learned both as a therapist and as a human being from these patients? What if you are not the one to usually journal? On April 1st it’s a great time to start; list some of the patients that have touched your life in the past year.

2.) Write thank yous

Are there co-workers that particularly contribute to your ability to provide occupational therapy services? Consider writing them a brief note of gratitude.

3.) Set goals for your services for next year

Instead of lumping your professional goals in with your New Years goals, consider making it a habit to set goals for your professional life at the start of your celebration.

What are three measurable goals you could set to provide more value to your clients?

4.) Set professional goals for the next five years

Now look even farther ahead. What are more sizeable goals that you would like to undertake in the next few years? Maybe you would like to earn a new OT certificationor start your own OT business?

5.) Host an OT get-together

Hosting a get-together could be as simple as picking a time and restaurant to meet at after work. You could also consider having coworkers over for dinner or brunch. No agenda necessary. Just create a space to relax and enjoy one another’s company without the pressure of productivity!

6.) Learn more about OT history

Set time aside this month to learn more about your profession!

7.) Decorate

Donate some photos for the walls. This will give your space a boost. Make them inspiring or fun!  Whether you are looking at permanent decorations or you just want to take five minutes to draw on a whiteboard.

At KPG Healthcare, we appreciate all of our hard working Occupational Therapists! We have dozens of opportunities and would love to help YOU find your dream position! Get started with KPG Healthcare today and get rolling on the job of your dreams!