Best Ways to Find Housing in Your New Community


Thinking about moving to a new city or neighborhood? Relocating is exciting, but also comes with a lot of stress. But lucky for us, there’s literally an app for everything! These awesome apps can help take out a lot of the stress of house hunting, renting questions, and more. If you’re on assignment with KPG Healthcare, we’ll help you find the housing scenario you’re looking for and we’re available for you 24/7! Check out a few apps to help you get your eyes on the market in the community that you’re heading to for your next travel assignment!

Doorstep Swipe

Right when you thought house hunting was boring, Doorstep Swipe came up with a solution. Using the Doorstep Swipe app is like Tinder for real estate. Grab a glass of wine and start swiping for your future home!  You can limit the search based on specific criteria to weed out what you don’t need. Doorstep Swipe saves your “liked” listings and organizes them by location so you can keep track of your favorite houses.


The most downloaded housing app where you can buy, sell, rent, and find an agent. Due to its popularity, you can find over 100 million homes within their database. Do you need to stay near a specific school or hospital? No problem! Set location and community parameters to stay close by. Zillow offers a ton of information for most properties as well, including estimated rent or mortgage, purchase history and more!


This is the platform for those who are looking to rent. Looking for an apartment, or a room in a shared house? Let Hotpads know how many rooms you are looking for, your max budget, and area of interest and they will show you the listings on a map for your convenience. Save your favorite listings, or contact them immediately through Hotpads. Get wild and start searching for your next apartment!


Not sure you want to rent on your own? Roomster can help! This website and app give you the option to look for an apartment for yourself, roommates or just a single room to rent in your area. You can get as specific as you want, including pet preferences and Zodiac signs.


Imagine an app where you as the house hunter can drive by an available home and get details on it without ever leaving your car. That’s pretty much what Homesnap does for you. Bring your phone and SNAP! Take a photo of a house in the app and suddenly you have the information you need. Another time-saving feature provided by Homesnap is the ability to communicate directly with your partner/spouse and real estate agent, allowing you to keep your house hunting conversations in one place.

Whether you’re moving a few town over or completely across the country, there’s always some level of stress associated with moving. These apps (and more!) can help take some of that away by bringing a lot of value and access to you right at your fingertips! Which have you used?

Finding your place as a travel healthcare professional can be a difficult decision if you don’t know what to look for. There is so much to consider when choosing a new life, but it can lead to something so special and rewarding. Let KPG Healthcare help you find the opportunity of your dreams today and help you get set up on everything from housing to your dream opportunity. Get started today!