KPG Healthcare says “Hello” to Arizona!

KPG Healthcare had a phenomenal 2019, including getting on the list for the Los Angeles Business Journal’s 100 Fastest Growing Companies, Staffing Industry Analysts’ Fastest Growing US Firms, Inc. 5000’s Most Successful Companies in America, and our first expansion office in Las Vegas for our Locum Tenens division. 

With that being said, we kicked off 2020 by sending three of our Travel Nursing family members to the beautiful state of Arizona to open our latest office expansion. 

That’s right! You heard it correctly, KPG Healthcare is now operating out of Scottsdale, Arizona! 

Let’s Meet our AZ Team

The three brave souls who took the challenge of opening the AZ office!
Tiko, Elaina, and Omar are the three Travel Nursing members who teamed up together and opened our Arizona office!

When we decided to open the Scottsdale office, we had to ask which of our Travel Nursing family members would dare take on this responsibility. Luckily, three of our finest recruiters said they would take on this opportunity and those three members are Tiko, Elaina, and Omar!

Tiko is the Recruitment Manager for our Travel Nursing division
Tiko is our Recruitment Manager for the Travel Nursing division and is looking forward to the continued growth of the team and company.

Tiko is the Recruitment Manager for the Travel Nursing division and has been with KPG Healthcare for more than four years. As one of the few members to be with the Travel Nursing division for that amount of time, he has been able to see both the team and the company grow during his time here. 

“I am most excited about the endless potential for growth,” Tiko exclaimed, “The possibilities are endless!” Arizona is a new frontier for KPG Healthcare and this will allow the team, plus any future members, to focus their efforts on different parts of the US. 

As the recruitment manager, Tiko is determined to show “that through the years of hard work in our Los Angeles office, we have created a successful, positive, and progressive business model that we can replicate just about anywhere in the US.”

Tiko’s Arizona Bucket List: Hike and explore the surrounding trails and amazing viewpoints Arizona has to offer. 

Meet Elaina!
Elaina is one of our Travel Nursing Recruiters who took the opportunity to open our AZ office to continue growing her career and find opportunities for our travel nurses.

Elaina is one of our Travel Nursing Recruiters and has been with KPG Healthcare for more than half a year. As one of our “newer” recruiters, Elaina has made herself a force to be reckoned with as a recruiter – we couldn’t be happier to have her on the team. 

During her time in Arizona, Elaina hopes to “continue growing as a recruiter, helping out new team members start their journey with KPG Healthcare, and find more great opportunities for our nurses.”

Elaina has faith that the new office will help the team with a greater depth of knowledge for Arizona and allow them the opportunity to focus on increasing the company brand exposure throughout the US.

Elaina’s Arizona Bucket List: All the great restaurants, amazing hikes and exploring all the adventures Arizona has to offer.

Meet Omar!
Omar is one of our Senior Recruiters for our Travel Nursing Division and believes the move to Arizona will bring nothing but great things.

Omar is one of our Senior Recruiters and started his KPG Healthcare journey 2 years ago. Omar has grown to become one of our finest Travel Nursing recruiters and we are lucky to have him be part of the Arizona team. 

Omar has been with the KPG Healthcare family for a couple of years with the opportunity to see and assist in the growth of the Travel Nursing team and the company as a whole during this time.

During his time in Arizona, Omar is looking to expand his role in the company and continue to progress forward in his career. “I want to be able to help grow the company even more than I did last year.” 

Omar’s Arizona Bucket List: Food, national parks, hikes, and sporting events.

Meet our Arizona Team!
The three who made the big move to Arizona to open our latest expansion office.

We look forward to hearing about all of your accomplishments in Arizona! We are thankful to have such an awesome team to open our Arizona office, keep up the great work!

Sending all of the love from California. ❤️