Nursing Spotlight: Le Kea!

Meet Le Kea!

Favorite Travel Assignment: None, yet! However, Palm Springs was good to her and up there on the list.
Dream location: Somewhere near or around the Dallas Cowboys!

Le Kea hails from Trussville, Alabama but is currently en route to her new assignment in Stockton, California! She has been with KPG Healthcare since January and has been living the California dream during that time. Le Kea has been a nurse for over 20 years now but only started traveling back in 2005/6. Her inspiration for becoming a nurse are rooted deeply with her past experiences with close family and friends who have gone through a medical complication or procedure. After observing the nurses handle the various situations, the treatment of patients, the treatment of family, and how personal they could be to help ease the mind, Le Kea felt inspired to pursue nursing as a career. It also doesn’t hurt that her mother was a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant), who had a profound influence on why she became interested in this field.

As a nurse, Le Kea faces many challenges that echo the intense need for nurses in California. From demanding schedules to time away from friends and family; the number of supplies per patient to the patients and their demands. For example, a patient can come into the hospital with one illness and all of a sudden they can have a multitude of complications, which can get out of hand. Life as a nurse has its challenges, but like all challenges, they can be overcome! With great determination and a reasonable consciousness, Le Kea has proven to come out on top and provide the best service she can possibly give to her patient and their family. Another challenge she mentioned was the difference between travel nursing now than what it was when she first started. In previous years, the hospitals/companies you would contract with would arrange everything for you – from flights to transportation, housing to greeting you at the airport – she reminisces’ on a time where travel nursing was simple and easy.

During her time at KPG Healthcare, Le Kea has been paired with one of our recruiters named Omar, who has been going above and beyond for her in ways she can’t even thank him enough for. It wasn’t just Omar who she praised, but everyone who has been in contact with her. Whenever she had a question, KPG would be there with the quickness to help resolve any issues or clarification that may be needed. Le Kea staying with KPG Healthcare goes beyond the staff but to all the positive energy and attitudes that really make KPG Healthcare a great company to work with.


Le Kea’s Advice for New Travel Nurses:
1. Take time to study your craft. Learn and know what you’re doing. Having enough tools in your tool belt will help you be the best nurse you can be and provide the best service you can provide.
2. Have a great support system. Someone who can take care of your needs at home and someone who you can call when you’re lonely or not your usual self – a ride or die.
3. Make sure you have cash or card at your disposal. Important when traveling somewhere new! Notify your bank!
4. Have a strong sense of who you are. You will be thrown into different situations that will test your morals and values, having that sense of self will help guide you through those decisions and in your career.