Let’s Celebrate National Doctor’s Day!

It’s National Doctor’s Day and we want to celebrate by sending a special shoutout to all of the physicians out there! We often take our health for granted and only when we encounter illness do we remember the huge impact doctors have on our lives. We trust the doctors around us to be well-equipped for anything, from life-saving surgeries to simply prescribing medicine.  We want to thank all physicians out there that go above and beyond for our health every day!

Background on National Doctor’s Day

Every year on March 30th here in the United States, we celebrate our hard working physicians. The idea behind National Doctors’ Day is to celebrate, and give recognition to all physicians who dedicate their careers to saving and helping people through medicine. The first celebration was started in 1933 in Winder, Georgia by Eudora Brown Almond, a physician’s wife. Eudora introduced the celebration by sending greeting cards and placing flowers on graves of doctors who had passed away. The House and Senate officially established National Doctor’s Day in 1990.

How to thank your doctor

How are you going to celebrate the doctors in your life? We know that many of you have hectic lives. It’s time to give back! Here are two things we think your doctor will appreciate:

  1. Send your doctor a gift! You can’t go wrong with coffee cups, photo frames, games or their favorite snack.
  2. Take the time to write card, letting your doctor know what you are grateful for. Make sure to make it personal. Your doctor will appreciate you for taking the time to give back.

Shoutout to all of the KPG doctors!

We would like to celebrate all of our doctors here at KPG. You all ROCK! Thanks to your hard work, we are able to run this organization and work for what we believe in. As a result, we can establish beautiful relationships with our patients and see each one of them grow through their own health journey. Thank you KPG doctors for being rockstars!

Provider Services Divisions


  • Locum Tenens


Did you know that Locum tenens jobs are growing super fast in the industry? The great thing about locum tenens, is that it can help the organization save money, and find the right solution once unexpected needs of doctors pop up. As a physician, you get to “feel it out” before any commitments.


  • Local Per Diem


We get it, it’s nice with some extra cash here and there. That’s why we have the option to get some extra “gigs” out of your ordinary position. Not only can it be nice to get more money to the account, but its your way to practice additional skills. Sky’s the limit, and there are alternatives from surgery, emergency and more!

KPG Healthcare is proud to staff some of the best hospitals in the Nation. Looking for your next career move and interested in contributing to one of California’s most renowned hospitals in the Provider Services division? Whether you’re interested in travel nursing, per diem, allied, locum tenens or permanent placement, KPG Healthcare is your trusted partner for high quality, rewarding career opportunities. Contact us today!