4 Ways To Celebrate Medical-Surgical Nurses Week

Trusted and remembered by their patients for their compassionate care, medical-surgical nurses are consistently valued for their knowledge of all body systems. With the utmost skill, they manage care for a range of of conditions and diseases they encounter on a daily basis.

From the week of November 1-7, we encourage facilities, hospitals, and nurses to recognize their specialty and commitment to excellence with heartfelt events that connect, celebrate, and help to develop medical-surgical nurses both personally and professionally.

How can you show your support for medical-surgical nurses? Check out these different ideas for celebrating at your facility!

Share On Social Media

Whether it’s sharing your photos and events on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn, show your support through social media! Create a fun, meaningful hashtag for the week of events and when posting remind others the difference medical-surgical nurses make each day.

Need a few pointers? Medical-surgical nurses improve patient care through evidence-based practice, mentor other nurses, advocate for patients and families at local or national levels, and even serve their communities through care and education.

Say It With A Sign

Make it a real celebration by hanging up special signs in the medical-surgical unit for any and all events your facility puts on. Whether you want it to proudly display your celebration, point people in the right direction, or let them know the fun is this way – download, print out and hang these colorful decorations at your hospital!


Make Certificates of Appreciation

Food is fun, but there’s nothing like appreciation from your fellow colleagues. Whether you write a few up yourself and hand them out to the medical-surgical nurses in your unit, or download Certificates of Appreciation thanking them for all they do to save lives and support families, this small gesture of gratitude will go a long way.


Invite Others To Take A Tour

Spread the word beyond just your hospital or facility by inviting local or state legislators take a tour during the week! While a big gesture, it’s crucial for all levels to gain a better understanding of the compassionate role of medical-surgical nurses.

Want to make even more of an impact? Submit an article about medical-surgical nursing to your facility newsletter or connect with your local newspaper to get a story out on all that these extensive nurses do to save lives!

With a focus on caring for patients and families every day, medical-surgical nurses are the unfaltering lifeblood of the medical industry. This week, let’s shift the focus onto them and all they do to inspire, educate others, and serve their communities!

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